Ooh! What a Lovely Pair: Our Story – An Instant Classic

Most Ant McPartlin fans will really enjoy the book Ooh! What a Lovely Pair: Our Story.

Filled with a ton of humour, this book is an instant classic and a must have for any Britain’s Got Talent fans.

Ant and Dec really set the tone in this book, set out as a conversation between the two of them reminiscing and retelling the experiences they have had over their career.

From their youth to recent times there’s a wealth of behind-the-scenes anecdotes that have never been told until now.

This makes Ooh! What a lovely Pair an instant must have!

Some of these stories include both ups and downs professionally and funny from them as purely best friends wanting to take the mickey out of each other.

It is a really enjoyable read. The Title of the book says it all!

Their long-term friendship is so beautiful and good on them for always putting that first and sticking together through life!

It is, however, a bit of an unusual autobiography because it is written by two people.

This is something you don’t always see but it does not take away from the phenomenal tone a read of this book

If you are familiar with Britain’s Got Talent or even America’s Got Talent, you should enjoy this book. They really ARE a pair.

Their writing style is very unique which makes you want to read it more than once.

Such a great story about a great pair and is highly recommended.

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